Six Wins in a Row for Druids in Greensboro, but Final Proves Too Much in the End

The Druids put together another strong tournament performance at the Triad Sevens in Greensboro, North Carolina, but fell just short of a cup win in a tough final loss.

Traveling with a mix of old and new faces from college and club sides across the region, the Druids worked out some early kinks in their first pool match before getting by hosts Triad by a 31-14 margin. Once the motor was firing, the Druids put up more lopsided scores in the next two pool matches, blanking Roanoke 54-0 and whitewashing the Virginia Military Institute 40-0. The going was a bit tougher in the Druids’ final pool match against a game University of North Carolina at Charlotte crew, but the Druids stayed in front for a 35-14 win to finish at the top of their five-team pool.

The knockout rounds treated the Druids to seeding puzzler as they were seeded third among the three pool winners despite an unbested 160-28 point differential in pool play. This decision left the Druids with a quarterfinal match while the other two pool winners enjoyed quarterfinal byes. The Druids also moved into the knockout rounds without standout midfielder Amir Khan, who had to leave mid-tournament to honor a personal commitment. Never eager to back down from the chance for another match, the Druids put together a comprehensive 43-0 quarterfinal win against Cape Fear to advance to the semifinals and ensure that the Druids would maintain their streak of earning a top-four finish in every tournament in their short history.

The tournament semifinals saw the Druids face Wake Forest, who looked very close to getting a win before the Druids managed to escape with a 31-14 victory and a final berth. In the final, the Druids met Charlotte in a match that had looked to be looming for both clubs since early in the day. While the Druids struck first through a try from flyhalf Jonathan Marshall, things got darker minutes later when Marshall had to be helped off after injuring his ribs during a great cover tackle. Trailing 21-12 by the half, the Druids managed to match Charlotte’s five-point output with a determined second-half effort but succumbed for a 26-12 loss and a second-place tournament finish.

Despite a 6-1 finish, an appearance in a massive final, and a 246-68 point differential in the tournament, the Druids left Greensboro without a champions cup. After two final appearances and two more bronze final appearances in four tournaments, the Druids will hope to finally get that cup win in their next tournament appearance at the Charlie West Sevens in Charleston, West Virginia.

The Druids’ training will continue at the Virginia Tech Drillfield each Tuesday and Thursday at 6 p.m. Interested players from all backgrounds and affiliations are welcome, and those too far afield to attend training should contact to discuss joining the team at a tournament.

Druids Roster for Triad Sevens:
Matt Boone (Virginia Tech Alumnus)
Craig Bucher (Druids)
Scott Darling (Virginia Tech)
Brett Fontaine (Druids)
Nick Funk (Virginia Tech)
Daniel Germroth (Virginia Tech)
Jimmy Ivory (Druids)
Amir Khan (University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill)
Jonathan Marshall (University of North Carolina-Greensboro)
Joe Pallante (Druids)
Sam Pitt (Druids)
Martin Sexton (Virginia Tech)
Donny Tran (Virginia Tech)
Bill Whalen (Virginia Tech)

Coach: Perry Pence (Druids)

Druids Match Results at Triad Sevens:

Pool Match 1: Druids 31, Triad “A” 14
Marshall 2T 2C
Khan 2T 1C
Boone 1T

Pool Match 2: Druids 54, Roanoke 0
Khan 3T 3C
Marshall 2T 2C
Sexton 2T 1C
Bucher 1T 1C

Pool Match 3: Druids 40, Virginia Military Institute 0
Marshall 3T 3C
Khan 1T 1C
Boone 1T 1C
Pallante 1T

Pool Match 4: Druids 35, University of North Carolina at Charlotte 14
Marshall 2T 2C
Boone 1T 1C
Sexton 1T 2C
Pallante 1T

Quaterfinal: Druids 43, Cape Fear 0
Marshall 2T 1C
Boone 2T 2C
Whalen 1T
Tran 1T
Ivory 1T
Sexton 1C

Semifinal: Druids 31, Wake Forest 14
Marshall 4T 1C
Boone 1T 1C
Sexton 1C

Final: Charlotte 26, Druids 12
Boone 1T 1C
Marshall 1T