About Druids Rugby

The Druids are an invitational rugby team that competes in seven-a-side rugby tournaments around the Mid-Atlantic region.  Based in the Blue Ridge area of Southwest Virginia, the Druids recruit top college and club players from Blacksburg, Radford, Roanoke, and neighboring areas.  An expansion of the side to include a fifteen-a-side rugby team is also being considered.  The Druids are managed by founder Craig Bucher and coached by Perry Pence.

The Druids are supported by primary sponsor BUKsAPPs and by secondary sponsors Rugby Environmental and Arrowhead Interactive.

The Druids are named for the Druid Peak Pack, a famous pack of gray wolves reintroduced to Wyoming’s Yellowstone Park from British Columbia in 1996.  During their tumultuous existence in Yellowstone, the Druid Pack acquired and lost pack members and territory while ceaselessly fighting for survival against other area wolf packs.  The Druid Pack became the largest recorded wolf pack, with 37 members, before rival packs and hunters eventually eradicated all Druid Pack wolves from the Yellowstone region.

In striving to bring together players from a broad range of backgrounds and perform at a high level in tournaments near and far, the Druids draw inspiration from the Druid Peak Pack’s fierce resilience and tenacity, as well as its ever-changing membership and territory.

The Druids operate both a competitive “firsts” team and a social reserve-grade team, so all interested players from Virginia’s Blue Ridge region are welcome to join us.  Because the Druids are an invitational seven-a-side team, players already registered with another fifteen-a-side rugby team can train and play in tournaments with the Druids while maintaining membership with their home teams.

If you are interested in joining the Druids as a player, sponsor, or partner, contact us.