Druids Rugby Members

Coach: Perry Pence

Coach Pence has an extensive history with rugby union, both fifteen-a-side and seven-a-side, as a player and coach. He played for Marshall University, the Charleston (WV) Rugby Club, the Richmond (VA) Rugby Football Club, and the Cape Fear (NC) Rugby Football Club, and has served as a coach at the Cape Fear Rugby Football Club, the Virginia Tech Men’s Rugby Football Club, and the Blacksburg (VA) Rugby Football Club.  Coach Pence is based in Roanoke, Virginia, and works as owner and project manager for Rugby Environmental.

Manager: Craig Bucher

Craig Bucher founded the Druids as a player and manager after years playing fifteen-a-side rugby union at the Blacksburg Rugby Football Club, where he was a standout on a Blacksburg team that advanced to the USA Rugby Senior Men’s Division III quarterfinals in 2009 after winning the Mid-Atlantic Senior Men’s Division III territorial championship.  Craig has also played both fifteen-a-side and seven-a-side rugby for invitational sides in the area.  Before picking up rugby, Craig was a successful soccer player.  A graduate of Virginia Tech, Craig is based in Christiansburg, Virginia and works at the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute in Blacksburg.  Craig is also the owner of BUKsAPPs and a co-owner of Arrowhead Interactive.


The Druids’ team roster changes from tournament to tournament depending on availability of invited players from the region.  Below is a list of players who have competed in the Druids jersey recently (players’ home clubs are in parentheses):


Matt Boone (Virginia Tech Alumnus)
Craig Bucher (Druids)
Scott Darling (Virginia Tech)
Max Erwin (Roanoke)
Brett Fontaine (Druids)
Nick Funk (Virginia Tech)
Nate Gaertner (Druids)
Daniel Germroth (Virginia Tech)
Kurt Goddard (Roanoke)
Jason Gordon (Roanoke)
Kenny Green (Virginia Tech)
Jeff Houston (University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill)
Jimmy Ivory (Druids)
Amir Khan (University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill)
Jonathan Marshall (University of North Carolina-Greensboro)
Matt McCarthy (Blacksburg)
Bobby Middaugh (Roanoke)
Matt Murray (Virginia Tech)
Joe Pallante (Druids)
Sam Pitt (Druids)
Alan Rhodes (Roanoke)
Mark Seiss (Washington Irish)
Martin Sexton (Blacksburg)
Donny Tran (Druids)
Richard Van Valkenburgh (East Carolina University)
Bill Whalen (Virginia Tech)

More Players Wanted; Contact Us if You’re Interested!


Craig Bucher (Druids)
Mike Conrad (Blacksburg)
Nate Gaertner (Blacksburg)
Brett Keyes (Blacksburg/Virginia Tech)
Mark Mazzochette (Blacksburg)
Bobby Middaugh (Roanoke)
Matt McCarthy (Blacksburg)
Joe Pallante (Blacksburg)
Mark Seiss (Washington Irish)